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The Buck 110 Knife Set the Standard.

Buck 110 Knife

I have a new Buck 110 knife at my side as I write this.

It's been a while since I owned a Buck 110 knife, and ever since I opened the package and took the knife out, the quality of the knife with it's shaving sharp edge, the high quality sheath, and the extra bonus knife that was in the package have given me a very deep sense of satisfaction.


The first word that ran through my mind when I opened the blade of this Buck knife and heard the lock click, was "Solid".


The Buck 110 knife is made with brass bolsters and liners.

Buck describes the handle material as "natural woodgrain" which I think is the trade name for a certain color of high quality wood laminate.

The handle scales are attractive and tough, and they're pinned to the handles.


The 3 3/4" clip point blade of this Buck folding hunter is made of Buck's 420 HC stainless, and it's shaving sharp right out of the package.


This Buck 110 folding hunter knife came with a nylon sheath with a snap on the flap, not velcro.

I prefer a snap.
When I get a knife sheath that has velcro, I remove the velcro and install a snap.

A snap can be opened and closed quietly, but velcro always make that ripping noise.


The Buck 110 knife would be perfectly at home on any construction or industrial job site.

Use it to open boxes; cut sheets of canvas, rubber, paper or plastic; cut notches in drywall or wood trim, cut or slice wire and cable insulation, scrape gaskets, sharpen pencils, remove or install pipe insulation, you name it.


On hunting or fishing trips, the Buck 110 knife can be used to clean fish or game, prepare meals, whittle tent stakes, trim brush and branches for lean-to's, cut rope and twine, and for a dozen other chores.


Take a close look at a Buck 110 knife the next time your in your favorite knife store.

Like me, you might start hearing the phrase "Rock Solid and Dependable" rolling through your mind.

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