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Buck Pocket Knife

Buck Pocket Knife, Stockman Model

There are a lot of people who won't take a step outside their door without their Buck pocket knife right where it belongs: in their pocket.


Taking a compact Buck knife along with you everywhere you go makes perfect sense when you consider how useful it really can be.


Let's say, for example, a tradesman like an electrician, might prefer the 3 7/8" long Buck 301 Stockman Pocket knife, the largest jacknife style Buck pocket knife.

Buck Stockman Pocket Knife

It has a clip point blade, a spey type blade, and a sheepsfoot blade.

An electrician might use this knife to make cuts in insulation on large size cable, cut old electrical tape off of splices, slit open the insulation of multiple conductor cord, cut old cable ties, that kind of stuff.


Somebody who works in a retail store might like the 3 1/4" long Buck 303 Cadet pocket knife.

 Buck Cadet Pocket Knife

It's a slightly smaller version of the Stockman, with the same three blade shapes.

They might use this Buck pocket knife to cut cardboard, set up merchandising displays, open packages, cut the plastic wrap off of pallets of merchandise, cut open bags of produce, open mail, cut string or cord, etc.


The Buck 503 Prince pocket knife has a single 2 1/2" long drop point blade.

Buck Prince Pocket Knife

This model is perfect for people who would prefer a Buck pocket knife with the extra safety of a lock-back blade.

This is another premium quality utility knife that can help you get your chores done.



The Buck 525 Gent pocket knife has slim stainless handles, and a profile that is so slim that it pretty much disappears in the pocket.

Buck Gent Pocket Knife

It has a 1 7/8" drop point blade, and it's 2 3/4" in length when closed.

I'd say that this lock-back Buck pocket knife would be a lighter duty type of utility knife, fine for cutting boxes, string, tape, canvas, trimming fingernails in an emergency, picking out splinters, and other chores along those lines.


The Buck 326 Scholar pocket knife is the same size as the Gent; 2 3/4" closed length, polished stainless handles, and a 1 7/8" blade.

Buck Scholar Pocket Knife

While the Gent has a squarish kind of shape, the Scholar has a more streamlined profile, a more pronounced drop point blade, and the blade has a thumb stud for one hand opening.

This would be another lighter duty type of Buck pocket knife, but only because of the slim profile of the handle.

It's just harder to hold onto the slim handles during tougher chores.


Take a close look at the Buck pocket knife selection the next time you're in your favorite knife shop.

I think you'll agree; they're beautiful, and it's hard to decide which one is best.


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