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Buck Folding Hunter Knives

Buck Alpha Folding Hunter


If you're a hunter, a Buck folding hunter knife is probably at the top of your wish list.

That is, if you don't own one already.


Do you hunt regularly all year long?

Do you live far enough north or south of the equator to have 4 definitely different seasons?

Or do you live in the tropics where there's a warm dry season, a warm rainy or monsoon season, and
cooler weather at higher elevations in the mountains?


Have you been thinking that a Buck folding hunter would be the perfect addition to the gear you take along when you go hunting?


Are you looking for a Buck folding hunter with modern, premium grade blade steel?

Or a certain blade profile?


What type of blade-lock are you most comfortable with, and do prefer a blade with thumb studs?


Do you need a Buck folding hunter that will stay locked in your grip while you're taking care of chores that can be wet and slippery?


Do you like the natural, classical look of wood handles?

Do you want a knife with metal, or maybe G10 handles?

Or are you interested in a more pliable grip, maybe Kraton, or something very similar?


Whatever your preferences are, I'm sure you'll find a Buck folding hunter that will fill your needs


If you're a traditionalist, or maybe for a sentimental reason, you might prefer the classic
Buck 110 knife

buck 110 folding hunter

It was introduced in 1964, and for those of us who were growing up and scrambling around in the woods in the late 60's and through the 70's, the model 110 Buck folding hunter was truly a prized posession.


If a clip point blade isn't your first choice, the Buck Folding Kalinga
offers an upswept blade with a slightly recurved edge.

buck folding kalinga knife

It's available with a blade of S30V or 420 HC, and you can have handles of Rosewood, and Dynaflex® overmolded thermoplastic in either black or a Real Tree Camo Pattern.


The Buck Folding Alpha
is a Buck Folding Hunter with a drop point blade and metal frame. 

Buck folding alpha knife

It's available with a blade of 154 CM or 420 HC, and you can have handle scales of Rosewood, black thermoplastic, or camo coated nylon.


The Buck Folding Omni Hunter
 also offers drop point blades.

buck folding omni knife

The 420 HC blade is available in 3" and 4" lengths.

The handles are a Dynaflex® overmolded thermoplastic frame in your choice of black or camo pattern.
A  heavy duty nylon sheath is included.


Buck Crosslock Knife is a Buck folding hunter with a 3" spear point blade, a 3" cross cut saw blade, and a gut hook.

buck crosslock knife

The blades are Buck's 420 HC stainless;  and the handle is aluminum, available in gunmetal grey or camoflauge pattern.

A nylon sheath is included.


Like all Buck Knives these knives are tough, with a life-time warranty. 

The blades are premium steel, shaving sharp from the factory and easy to re-sharpen.

The handles are durable and easy to hang onto during tough chores.

They come with sheaths that will last through years of boonie stomping.

If you happen to break one, the factory will repair it, often times free of charge.


Take a real close look at a Buck Folding Hunter Knife the next time you're at your favorite knife shop.

It will be fun, and I'd be surprised if you didn't buy one on the spot.

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