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Buck Hunting Knife

Vanguard Buck Hunting Knife

Wouldn't you agree that a Buck Hunting Knife would be a welcome addition to any hunter's gear bag?


If you're a hunter, there's no doubt you give a lot of serious thought to the gear you take along; and when it comes to the knife you'd prefer to take with you, I wouldn't be surprised if a Buck Hunting Knife was one of your top choices.


And why not?

The Buck Knife has a reputation for quality, toughness and reliability; three simple concepts that are important to people who depend on their knives out in the boondocks.


Buck has been doing a good job of bringing out new models to keep up with changing technology, and they've also done a great job of refining their classic knives.


What type of Buck Hunting Knife is your favorite?


Would you like a drop-point with streamlined contours?

The Buck Alpha Knife is a slim, trim, drop point hunter available in two sizes.

You can get it with a guthook blade if you like, and it's available with a variety of handle materials.

Buck Knife Alpha


If you'd prefer a Buck Hunting Knife with an up-swept or trailing point type of blade, the 
Buck Kalinga Knife is available with a blade made of S30V, and a variety of handle materials.

Buck Knife Kalinga


If you'd be interested in a no-frills drop point with a textured rubber handle, the Buck Diamondback Knife is available in two sizes, and there are versions available with a guthook.

Buck Knife Diamondback


Are you looking for a Buck Hunting Knife that was designed specifically for dressing out game?

The blade of the Buck Skinner Knife was designed with a shape that helps it safely put more edge to use when skinning, with less chance of accidentally penetrating with the point at the wrong time.

Buck Knife Skinner


There are a lot of people who prefer knives with brass butt caps and finger guards, and there are a couple of classic knives with these features available in the Buck Hunting Knife line.


The Buck Vanguard Knife has a drop point blade with brass finger guard and butt cap, and it's available with a woodgrain handle or a texturized, rubberized handle.

Buck Knife Vanguard


Buck Zipper Knife is similar to the Vanguard, except it's drop point blade has a guthook.

This Buck Hunting Knife is also available with a woodgrain handle, or a texturized, rubberized handle.

Buck Knife Zipper


Now that we've talked about the knives, where do you most love to go hunting?


Do you like to go hunting in snow blanketed forests?

And would you like to start taking a Buck Hunting Knife along with you?

Can you smell the snow, just from thinking about it?

And can you hear the icy crackle that a frosted, frozen puddle made as you walked across it last year?


Wherever it is that you hunt, it's not too early to start getting ready for the next hunting season.

Stop in at your favorite knife store, and take a close look at a Buck Hunting Knife.

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