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Buck Crosslock Knife

Buck Crosslock 


The features of the Buck Crosslock knife were designed specifically with hunters in mind, but it's a fine utility knife too.


The blades are Buck's legendary 420HC stainless.

The Buck Crosslock knife has a 3" spear point blade, and a 3" cross-cut saw blade with a gut hook.

The spear point has a thumb stud for one hand opening, and the spine is flattened so you can lay your finger on it while skinning.

The blade shape of this Buck folding hunter knife is fine for skinning and for everyday utility use too, and the edge is easy to re-sharpen when it finally needs it.


The saw blade is intended for use on bone, but I can tell you from experience that it works fine on sheetrock, lumber, reinforced industrial grade hose, tree branches, etc, and the gut hook works fine for cutting string, rope, plastic sheeting, canvas, and cardboard.


The handle of the Buck Crosslock knife is aluminum, anodized in gunmetal grey or finished with a camoflauge pattern.

There's a hole in it for those who like to use a lanyard.


This Buck knife weighs 4 ounces, and comes with a nylon sheath.


Where do you see yourself carrying the Buck Crosslock knife?


Do you hunt deer through a forest somewhere in the northern lattitudes?

Do you start your walk in before the sun comes up?

Is there snow on the ground at the start of the season?

Are the woods silent as you walk in, or is there usually a breeze whispering through the bare autumn branches?

As you walk along the trail with the Buck Crosslock knife on your belt, do you make it a point to consciously turn your head from side to side and see if you can find any shapes or colors that stand out?

How often do you stop along the trail, to listen to the movement around you, and to see what might be walking up the trail behind you?


Check out the Buck Crosslock knife the next time you're at your favorite knife shop.

You'll love the versatility built into it.

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