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Buck 301 Stockman

Buck 301 Stockman Pocket Knife 

The Buck 301 Stockman pocket knife is 3 7/8" long closed, so it's a good sized knife.


There's a clip blade, a spey blade, and a sheepsfoot, all of Buck's 420HC steel.


A Buck pocket knife with 3 blades makes sense to a lot of people, and here's a couple reasons why:


I knew an electrician who liked to have a blade that was slightly dull, because he liked to run it around the insulation of cables, with his thumb applying pressure on the opposite side of the cable.

With the dull blade, if it slipped, it wouldn't cut his thumb, but it still did a fine job cutting the insulation.


The sheepsfoot blade of this Buck knife would be good for that purpose.


I've used a spey type blade like the Buck 301 Stockman pocket knife has, to cut round openings in gaskets for compressor service valves.

Once you've traced the opening where you need it, sink the point into the material somewhere along the traced line or circle, then roll the blade down to make the cut.

Repeat this carefully along the traced line, and in a short period of time you'll have cut all the way around the opening you need.


And as far as the clip blade of the Buck 301 stockman pocket knife, you can use it for all the miscellaneous things we all use our working knives for.


And just in case there's someone out there that doesn't know this little trick:

When you come in from outdoors with a lot of stickle-burrs in your jeans, you can simply scrape them off with the clip blade of the Buck 301 Stockman pocket knife.

Please be careful though.


Take a close look at the Buck 301 Stockman pocket knife the next time you're at your favorite knife shop.

I know that as you open the blades and check it out, there'll be a voice in your head saying

"Man, this sure would have been handy when....."

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